3 Books You Should Read for Afro Romance

Afro Romance BooksIf you are a fan of Afro romance or just the romance genre in general, there are actually several remarkable books that you might want to add to your collection.

1. Fighting for Your African American Marriage

Fighting for Your African American Marriage is a book which will provide you with sold and proven solutions to all challenges that you might be facing every single day in your marriage. This book shares a one of a kind perspective and presents proven and powerful strategies of the widely acclaimed Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program or PREP approach to help black couples in beating the odds and mastering all the skills required to prevent any marital distress or even divorce.

The book takes on a sensitive and fort right way off addressing the special concerns and issues of African-American couples, including the pressure of racism, the stereotyped gender roles, and many other concerns, including the economic ones. The occupation and class covered makes this book a must-read, not to mention that it also recognized the marital issues among couples of any ethnicity or race. This is a practical and eminently readable guide worthy to read.

2. Do Black Women in Afros Date White Guys?

Whether you are a white man who is starting to think what it is like to date black women or you are puzzled with the experience you had with a black woman in the past, then, this book is the one for you. The main goal of this book is to establish a knowledge foundation which will allow genuine white men in achieving success in their quest for general friendships and relationships with black women. Through this book, you can find the answers to various questions often asked by white men when it comes to the black women in their social circles, their black female colleagues and friends and all the black women in their lives as a whole. Penned in an easy format of question and answer, the book has also been interspaced with numerous chapters and comprehensive discussions on different topics that are interesting to both white men and black women alike.

3. Staying Married: A Guide For African American Couples

The people behind the Staying Married: A Guide For African American Couples shares the usual advice on how to have a successful marriage, such as the perfect marriage and career balance, open communication and reconciliation of spending habits. Aside from that, this book also offers advice for all types of pressures encountered by black couples in their marriage such as the effect of racism on their financial aspects, the frustrations cased by the race relations in the United States as well as raising kids to have an appreciation of their heritage and the anticipation for racial hurdles that they are going to face in the future. There are also studies included in the book to help couples get a better understanding of their common concerns and how to handle them best for their own benefit.

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