About Us

Our Goal

When there is no definition of color, people are the same. We are human, united, and deserve to find love. We tend to focus more on a term “single” rather than “black/white”. Love has no boundaries and here we are forming a large connection, becoming the joint of two un-separated souls who are distantly separated by coincidence and here they also meet by coincidence. There are about 50 members join us per day. Having us will strongly form a movement and support for interracial dating. There will be no such thing as black and white relationship within the society anymore. Instead there will be only normal relationship. With our intent to vanish the term of racism we already categorized as the specialist for interracial dating.

Why is it important to be our member

Interracial relationship has grown so fast these decades. Statistically, interracial relationship has rose up to 73 percent and here we are trying to clear up all the controversial debates regarding interracial relationship. Being with us will bring up the importance of human rights to be with whoever you love, or in other words you would likely support the notion of anatomy. Marrying or dating is 2 different concept but at the same time is totally correlated as dating would lead to marriage and having society interfere with the type of dating people have, especially when it comes to interracial relationship will just evoke more social problem that soon turn into a breakdown.